The origin and development history of animatronic dinosaurs

40-year history of dinosaur fossils in Zigong

Zigong, a city famous for its salt, dinosaur fossils are rich and amazing in the world. This legend of life on the ancient earth can be reproduced in Zigong, and it has achieved impressive glorious years of animatronic dinosaurs.

Excavation site of Zigong Dinosaur Museum

At the beginning of the last century, in 1915, Zigong had a record of the discovery of dinosaur fossils, but the completeness of the fossil preservation and the number of species and species were not so eye-catching. Especially because of the cultural differences at that time, there is still a lack of intuitive image, three-dimensional and vivid understanding of this type of once earth hegemon.

In 1974, the discovery and excavation of dinosaur fossils in the urban area made the city of Zigong familiar to many people, and it has since gained the reputation of “ Dinosaur Land”. In early March 1974, when workers were digging a drainage ditch, they inadvertently discovered that there were many “keels” buried under the topsoil on the ground. So he immediately reported the discovery to the Zigong Salt Industry History Museum. The museum immediately sent people to the site to check and make emergency protection. From March to June of the same year, the relatively professional Chongqing Museum stepped in, with the active cooperation of many parties, unearthed dinosaur fossils weighing about 10 tons from a range of 100 square meters.

The discovery of a large number of dinosaur fossils in Zigong set off a new climax in the study of dinosaur fossils in China at that time, and also opened the journey of Zigong simulated dinosaurs to lead the trend, and made a foreshadowing and added the first place for the future Zigong dinosaurs capital and the “national card”.
In order to satisfy the broad masses of people’s pursuit of scientific and cultural knowledge and strengthen the popularization of dinosaurs and other paleontological education, the Zigong Salt Industry History Museum decided to open the Zigong Dinosaur Showroom in 1976 and produced the first dinosaur skeleton specimen in Zigong. The Zigong dinosaur skeleton specimens were installed in the local area to record “zero”. This dinosaur exhibition was the first time that the well-known Zigong dinosaur made a spectacular appearance in Hong Kong. It also made a good start for more and more beautiful Zigong dinosaurs on stage and cluster display.

By 1982, the country decided to build the Zigong Dinosaur Museum in Dashanpu. The influx of domestic and foreign tourists brought the artificial dinosaurs to bud. In 1992, after visiting the dinosaur museum, a Taiwanese wanted to build a dinosaur theme park in his hometown. He specially went to Zigong to invest and build a factory after an inspection. He began to produce mechanical dinosaurs, which were designed and produced by Zigong people.

Although the original animatronic dinosaur is also a steel frame structure, the surface of camel hair. But the appearance is dull, the touch is hard, and it cannot move or bark. Although it is huge, it does not give people an immersive sense of oppression.

In 1996, a Japanese company exhibited artificial dinosaurs in Chengdu. The exhibits had soft skins, realistic feel, and lifelike appearance. People from Zigong went to observe the gourd painting scoops and used sponges and glass glue instead of camel hair. This a very important first step for Zigong Dinosaurs Industry.

After more than 20 years of unremitting research and development, Zigong’s simulation dinosaur production technology has become perfect. Automation and intelligent technology are widely used. Now hundreds of dinosaur production companies in Zigong, including Zigong Dinosaurs World & Technology Co., Ltd., can produce animatronic dinosaurs , walking dinosaur costume , animatronic animals. The dinosaur head can swing up and down, blink and eyeballs. It can turn, the neck can move up and down, the forelegs can grasp, the abdomen can breathe, the tail can swing, and the legs can be stunned. Not only can it walk, it also has the intelligence of a 4-year-old child, can have simple conversations with tourists, and can identify tourists, men, women, and children.

So far, more than 40 years have passed, and the Zigong dinosaur fossil excavation exhibition seems to be flashing again and again, vividly… Simulation dinosaurs have also opened a new era chapter for Zigong. The splendid Zigong dinosaurs are destined to be a “world famous city of cultural tourism”.
The emergence of the first electronic dinosaur
Zigong, Sichuan, a city in southern Sichuan famous for its dinosaur fossils, salt and colorful lanterns. In the words of the locals, Zigong people have been in contact with dinosaurs since childhood and are not afraid of dinosaurs. The lanterns to be seen during the New Year are dinosaur lanterns. In the spring, outings and extracurricular activities go to the Dinosaur Museum. The history and extracurricular readings of local primary school students are also dinosaurs.

The emergence of the first electronic dinosaur

A simulation model of dinosaurs several meters high can be seen on the streets, passenger stations, and ring roads in Zigong. Common dinosaur species include Dongpo Xiulong, Li’s Shusaurus, Tianfu Emeisaurus and other native dinosaurs. They are not only displayed in museums, but also as the “business card” of urban civilization, appearing in more people’s lives.

In 1979, an oil development team bombed rocks in Zigong, and a large number of dinosaur fossils were able to be seen again. This was the world-famous “Dashanpu Dinosaur Fossil Site”animatronic-

At the suggestion of the leaders at that time, Zigong started the construction of the Dinosaur Museum. A middle-aged electrician in charge of the lighting group of the local Electricity Bureau joined the construction of the Dinosaur Museum. Facing the ruins, he had the idea of making a mechanical dinosaur by himself. In early 1980, the electrician and his colleagues spent more than a month to create a miniature mechanical dinosaur that could walk and make sounds. This simulated mechanical dinosaur was only 25 cm long, but when it appeared at the Spring Festival Lantern Festival, the response was very enthusiastic.

Introduction to the production of simulated electric dinosaur models

Whenever a customer makes an inquiry, many customers will ask us when the customer can place an order on the same day. One of the characteristics of the simulated electric dinosaur model is customized products, because different customers have different needs. I am afraid that it is the same kind of dinosaur. Different customers have different requirements for dinosaurs’ movements, sizes, colors and other details. Therefore, our simulation dinosaur model manufacturers cannot produce too much inventory. Some customers even do not understand simulation. The customized peculiarity of products such as electric dinosaur models has delayed the progress of the project on the customer side.

Introduction to the production of simulated electric dinosaur models

Let’s introduce the production and delivery process of the simulated electric dinosaur model:

The customer first needs to determine which dinosaur products and the size of the dinosaurs are needed. We can also send the corresponding dinosaur catalogues for customers to choose. After the customers have determined the types and sizes of the products they need,
We can also make quotations based on the specific needs of customers, or determine what trucks are needed to transport this batch of products based on the products selected by the customers, so as to determine the freight cost of the simulated dinosaur model.
Determine the installation details and cost of the simulation dinosaur model product, so that the customer can understand the approximate budget of the project
PS: The dinosaur model can be customized, and customers can send their own designs to customize the simulated dinosaur model.
The movie “ Jurassic Park” brought many people back to a cool and realistic age of dinosaurs.

It is also a simulation of dinosaurs. The dinosaurs in the movie are very delicate and extremely expensive. It is understood that the dinosaur models in the movie are all 3D printed, the material is silicone, and one-time molding, the cost of a single simulated dinosaur may be as high as tens of millions of dollars.

At present, although the pneumatic dinosaurs manufactured in Zigong account for more than 80% of the global dinosaur market, the domestic simulated dinosaurs from mechanical welding to artistic modeling are completely completed manually, requiring the personal ability and experience of craftsmen.

For example, the cement model of the dinosaur model needs soil unique to Zigong, and it needs an elderly master to lead the apprentice to make it, so that the model can be strong and vivid.

The skin of the dinosaur model is made of stockings for women. There are two types of silk stockings: glass filament and velvet. Velvet has a better feel and high cost. The seemingly rough skin of a dinosaur was actually created by workers who climbed up to a shelf several meters high and cut thousands of pairs of long-tube velvet stockings with their hands, and then glued them to the outside of the simulated dinosaur. After the glue is dried, it can be painted by hand with oil paint to have a sense of simulation. Just like the finishing touch of a Guangdong lion dance, the last process of the dinosaur before leaving the factory is to color the eyes. This is to prevent the paint from sticking to the eyes of the dinosaur. on.

What are the types of simulated dinosaurs and what are their characteristics?

With the continuous development of science and technology, more and more new technologies are integrated into the manufacturing industry, and the spring of simulated dinosaurs is also ushered in. Compared with the previous single species, the production of dinosaurs incorporating new technologies is more diversified and more in line with the needs of users.

  1. Dinosaurs for watching
    This kind of dinosaur is the most common and the production process is the simplest. It is characterized by a length of less than 5 meters, a single action function, only a roaring tail function,andare latively cheap production price.
Dinosaurs for watching
  1. Large simulation dinosaur
    The size of this type of dinosaur is usually greater than 10 meters, and it is more difficult to make because of its bulk. Its main feature is that the action functions are relatively richer and more powerful and domineering.
  1. Walking Dinosaur Model
    There are two types of riding dinosaurs, one is sliding type, and the other is simulated walking type. This year , Jacky Zeng from Zigong Dinosaurs World Science And Technology Co.,Ltd. only 30 years old. The price difference between the two is about double, the sliding dinosaur is about 2 meters in size and has wheels on the bottom. The riding dinosaurs that simulate walking use several linkage structures, which are characterized by simulating the walking of real quadruped dinosaurs. The process is complicated and the cost is relatively expensive

4. Animatronic Dinosaur Rides For Kids
Dinosaur Ride are generally for tourists to ride and take pictures. The size is usually about 4 meters. It is roughly the same as watching dinosaurs, but it is different from watching dinosaurs. It is characterized by richer functions. For example, the mouth can be opened and the eyes can blink. The hands can be bent, the body will move up and down, and the tail can be shaken freely

Animatronic Dinosaur Rides For Kids

5、 Intelligent interactive dinosaurs
Intelligent simulation of dinosaurs is a more complex program added to the control chip, which can receive and feed back external information, such as people talking with dinosaurs, and coin-laying dinosaurs. The characteristic of these dinosaurs is that after adding an interactive program, they can make the dinosaurs respond accordingly according to human behavior.

Intelligent interactive dinosaurs

6.Realistic Walking Dinosaur Costume
This is a more flexible type of simulated dinosaur. The production process is to use stainless steel to make a dinosaur-shaped skeleton, and then add a very real dinosaur skin texture to the exterior. When in use, people drill into the belly of the dinosaur to control it, which can realize complicated functions such as running, jumping and roaring

  1. There are nearly two hundred styles of children’s battery cars, including: dinosaurs, cartoons, and animals
    The time, volume, speed, remote matching and other functions can be set on the panel of the Dynos electronic battery car, and the power level can also be displayed on the panel. The speed can be adjusted to 1-10 kilometers per hour, the maximum sound can be adjusted to 30, and the time can be set infinitely. The forward mode can choose the handle and foot switch. Spotlights can be installed on the belly, and mouth movements can be made to match the calls
There are nearly two hundred styles of children’s battery cars, including: dinosaurs, cartoons, and animals

Benefits of simulated dinosaur exhibition

The simulated dinosaur exhibition gives the ordinary people the opportunity to learn about dinosaurs. You can learn about the appearance and characteristics of dinosaurs through dinosaur models.

Dinosaur Park Design Drawing
Benefits of simulated dinosaur exhibition

Everyone can learn about simulated dinosaurs through the exhibition, and there is one of the biggest commercial benefits. The exhibition can increase the visibility of the organizer in a short time, so that new products can be immediately known to consumers, and it can be improved with the least amount of money. A lot of traffic. In a short period of time, people from the surrounding areas can come to watch the dinosaur exhibition while promoting consumption. It can bring 10,000 traffic to shopping malls, dinosaur parks, golf courses, zoos, and adventure parks every day Such a publicity method can not only bring huge economic benefits to the enterprise, but also enhance the image value of the brand itself.

Have you ever think about what do dinosaurs look like ? And what color are they ?

In the movies, dinosaurs are always shaped as superstars. They are covered with brown, green or pale white rough scaly skin, roaring in the rain; “ Jurassic Park” also tells us that Tyrannosaurus is dark brown, brachiosaurus is grey. To be honest, almost all the information we know about dinosaurs, including their shape, color and habits, comes from film and television works.

But are these assumptions correct? What does a dinosaur look like? What color is it?

We now know that many dinosaurs at the end of the Cretaceous, such as the Hesperian nymphosaur, actually have feathers. When only the body structure and skin texture are involved, the imprinting of bone debris and skin fossils can provide enough information to faithfully reproduce the appearance of these animals. However, fossils cannot tell us their colors.

For fossils to indicate color, there must be organic matter, and only bones are not enough. Until recently, paleontologists have not found any pigments on fossils, but it turns out that they have found the wrong place.

In 2006, paleontologist Jacob Wences of the University of Bristol saw the cuttlefish ink from a squid fossil, and he was deeply attracted. He and his team were excited about the possibility that melanosomes existed in fossils, and then they analyzed a Cretaceous period feather and named their findings “the color of fossil feathers”.

Their discovery opened the floodgate for the practice of dinosaur color inference. So far, melanosomes found in existing fossils have been considered to be a biofilm keratinin bacteria. Melanosomes are about the size of these bacteria. These small spots show a special pattern, if it is really bacteria, it will not appear there, because they will not survive there indiscriminately.

In 2010, they studied the Chinese Sinosauropteryx fossils discovered in Hohhot, Inner Mongolia, and successively published the color patterns of the two theropods, the near bird dragon and the Chinese dragon bird. The head feathers of Hirsch’s near-bird dragon appear bright red, and the wings show black and white patterns. The Chinese dragon bird has red and white stripes on its tail, which are bright maroon.

Soon, more dinosaurs were labeled with real colors. Raptor is a small winged dinosaur that lived 120 million years ago, with shiny black feathers, similar to today’s crows. The large dinosaur with a long horn on its head is rusty red, with a deep back and a shallow abdomen.

Of course, melanosomes are not the only way to determine color, because other colors may come from the animal’s diet, just like the pink color of flamingos. These pigments will not remain well over time, they will degrade and most will become black carbon. We currently have no access to this information.

Paleontologist Maria McNamara of University College London and her team are studying how the pigment in the fossil is degraded. If it is possible to decode these pigments, I believe we will see more new colors and patterns appear deep in history.

You may think, why should we care about the appearance of dinosaurs? They are extinct anyway.

In fact, determining whether dinosaurs have feathers and what color they are can tell scientists a lot about the life they may have experienced. The dull color may mean that dinosaurs don’t like to be seen, or the color is not important for them to find a spouse. And if there is evidence that dinosaurs have bright colors, it can lead to other questions: are their colors chosen based on sex, or for other purposes?

In the view of dinosaurs world, we should not underestimate any research at will. Scientists have invested time and energy in the study of color, which has its own profound significance. Those who blindly despise all efforts are rude and ignorant.

Understanding the true colors of dinosaurs can also help us study the evolutionary connection between dinosaurs and their modern offspring. There is always something you don’t know. All the reptiles we always think are related to dinosaurs are just a misunderstanding. There is evidence that modern birds are actually closer to dinosaurs than modern reptiles. This is what helped the establishment of genetic and fossil research on dinosaurs and their appearance.

Without research and verification, how could you know that the tall and mighty Tyrannosaurus Rex would not be dressed in a soft pink girl? In order to know exactly what the dinosaurs look like, apart from the time machine, we can only rely on their fossil remains.

Discover the production line of animatronic dinosaurs factory

Zigong is world-famous for its well-salt ruins and Jurassic dinosaur fossil remains, and is also a base for producing animatronic dinosaurs.

Many companies in Zigong, which focus on R&D and production of electric dinosaurs, stand outside the production plant and can hear the howling of dinosaurs from far away. Anyone who walks into the plant of a dinosaur company seems to have passed through the Jurassic era.

A finished animatronic dinosaur is presented to visitors through 10 manufacturing processes, from design, frame, welding, molding, branding, background coloring, color spraying, packaging, transportation, and finally to on-site installation.

In addition to the realistic appearance, in order to make the animatronic dinosaur more flexible, the motor controls the movement of the animatronic dinosaur’s forelimbs, neck, eyes, mouth, tail, breathing, and tilting of the limbs. According to different needs, each motor controls different kinematic joints of dinosaurs, and many moving parts can reach more than ten motors.

According to statistics from the Sichuan Provincial Department of Commerce, Zigong is the world’s largest center for manufacturing animatronic dinosaurs. China accounts for 80% of global simulated dinosaur production, and China’s simulated dinosaur production accounts for 70% of Zigong.

At present, Zigong City has more than 200 professional animatronic dinosaur production companies with more than 5,000 employees. The manufactured simulated dinosaurs are mainly used for exhibitions in museums, science and technology museums, and are also exported to many large animatronic dinosaur exhibitions abroad for display.

Zigong Dinosaurs World Science & Technology Co., Ltd. is one of the more than 200 animatronic dinosaur production companies. Since its establishment, it has been specialized in the production and production of animatronic dinosaur models of various sizes to provide dinosaur models for parks, museums and scenic spots.

Sichuan Zigong Upgrade Animatronic Dinosaurs and Chinese Lanterns Industry Stimulate City Vitality

Zigong City is located in the southern part of Sichuan Province. It has been an important salt production base in China since ancient times and an old industrial city. In recent years, Zigong is accelerating its journey on the road of industrial transformation and upgrading.

Zigong is known as the “Hometown of Dinosaurs”, and various animatronic dinosaurs are displayed in a factory building that produces simulated mechanical dinosaurs. According to the person in charge of the enterprise, 60% of the simulated dinosaurs produced here are sold abroad.

A animatronic dinosaurs requires about 20 procedures from design to finalization. The largest Animatronic dinosaur produced by the company reaches 70 meters in length.

It is understood that the company team has also designed a dinosaur that can talk. As long as the program is programmed, the dinosaur can talk to people. There is also a “sensory dinosaur”, which uses existing somatosensory technology to realize the interaction between dinosaurs and people.

In the future, Zigong will also develop “bionic dinosaurs”, that is, more intelligent dinosaurs, such as remote control, diving, flying and so on.

Chinese lanterns are also unique cultural products of Zigong

Not only is it a simulated dinosaur, but the lantern is also a unique cultural product of Zigong. In an enterprise producing colored lights in Bancang Industrial Park, workers are making various kinds of colored lights.

The person in charge of the enterprise at the scene said that they had exhibited in more than 60 countries and regions around the world, and sold them to more than 20 countries and regions around the world, and the overseas sales increased significantly.

The Zigong Lantern Festival has a history of nearly a thousand years. Since 1988, it has been exhibited inside and outside the province and at home and abroad. Over the past 30 years, it has been exhibited in more than 60 countries and regions and more than 500 large and medium cities in China, attracting more than 400 million Chinese and foreign tourists to watch the lanterns.

There are 631 Zigong lantern companies with an annual output value of over 2 billion yuan, and the foreign trade momentum of lanterns is strong.