Dinosaur Costume Jurassic Park T-Rex DWE3324-2

A person in a puppet-like custome that looked like an actual dinosaur walking around. The mouth & eyes moved and everything! It really looked real! In this shot the dinosaur is looking directly at the visitors. Ever notice clients will be shocked by the real like movements and sound speak out by the dinosaur.

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1. Sound: Synchronized Sound with Mouth Open and Close.Two or More Sounds Can be Customized for Choice.

2. Movements:
1、Eyes blinking (Different control modes for choice: manual control/ animatronic control)
2、Mouth opening and closing with synchronize sound
3、Head right to left
4、Neck up and down
5、Tail swaying & squating & riding
6、Wear to run or walk or interact with audience.
7、Water effect, smoke effect, or other effects can be customized looking up and down-left to right,etc.), tails waggling when running and walking, etc.

Other parts of the walking dinosaur costume can be adjust according to the performer’s body action

3. Main Materials: High Quality Steel Frame+ Foam+ Ventilation System+Advanced Pigment+New Materials + Control Box ,material which is light and environmental, makes the skin more realistic and no smell)

4. Size:
1) Length:4.2m~5m, Height:2m
2) Suitable for 1.7-1.9m adults

High Customization Available:Size of dinosaurs can be customized according to figures of different clients. (1.65m to 2.1m).

5. Color: Any customized color is available.

6. Net weight: 18kg. Gross weight(including the wooden case): about 100kg

7. Type: Hiding legs or not hiding.

8. Packing details: Bubble film and PP film with foam protection especially the head and mouth, and put in a flight case or wooden case.