This is a custom made animatronic allosaurus that can smoke

A animatronic model of Allosaurus that will spray smoke when angry,Angry animatronic allosaurus model with smoke

We can order any kind of animatronic dinosaurs
Size : Can be Customized
Color : Can be Customized
We can customize any style dinosaur ,animal, fossils replica ,skeleton replica to customer
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If you have jurassic park , dinosaur park , theme park , amusement park , kids playground or any kind of attraction event show , our animatronic dinosaurs will always be the best models for attract peoples attention in your place.

Our production of Movie character model are 90% simulation of the real one
The Footprint Of Our Dinosaurs Over The World

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Making Process Of Animatronic Dinosaurs

We believe that quality is the most important promise that we give to our clients. For the finished models , we carry out the policy of “no inspect , no leave “

Dinosaur Inside Bones / Skeleton Production

Dinosaur Shape Modelling

The animatronic dinosaurs and other models we made is based on the replica of dinosaurs fossils in the museum , which perfectly match to the original one. No matter how big the dinosaur is , we will finish the models completed in accordance with the customers ‘ requirements.

Dinosaur Skin Modelling

Dinosaur Skin Color Process

Main Dinosaur Finished Production

Huge Dinosaur Dismentle Process

Animatronic Dinosaurs Packing Process

All the models which finished in factory will be packed by sponge in order they are very safety on the way to the customers place.

Animatronic  Dinosaurs Transportation