Discover the production line of animatronic dinosaurs factory

Zigong is world-famous for its well-salt ruins and Jurassic dinosaur fossil remains, and is also a base for producing animatronic dinosaurs.

Many companies in Zigong, which focus on R&D and production of electric dinosaurs, stand outside the production plant and can hear the howling of dinosaurs from far away. Anyone who walks into the plant of a dinosaur company seems to have passed through the Jurassic era.

A finished animatronic dinosaur is presented to visitors through 10 manufacturing processes, from design, frame, welding, molding, branding, background coloring, color spraying, packaging, transportation, and finally to on-site installation.

In addition to the realistic appearance, in order to make the animatronic dinosaur more flexible, the motor controls the movement of the animatronic dinosaur’s forelimbs, neck, eyes, mouth, tail, breathing, and tilting of the limbs. According to different needs, each motor controls different kinematic joints of dinosaurs, and many moving parts can reach more than ten motors.

According to statistics from the Sichuan Provincial Department of Commerce, Zigong is the world’s largest center for manufacturing animatronic dinosaurs. China accounts for 80% of global simulated dinosaur production, and China’s simulated dinosaur production accounts for 70% of Zigong.

At present, Zigong City has more than 200 professional animatronic dinosaur production companies with more than 5,000 employees. The manufactured simulated dinosaurs are mainly used for exhibitions in museums, science and technology museums, and are also exported to many large animatronic dinosaur exhibitions abroad for display.

Zigong Dinosaurs World Science & Technology Co., Ltd. is one of the more than 200 animatronic dinosaur production companies. Since its establishment, it has been specialized in the production and production of animatronic dinosaur models of various sizes to provide dinosaur models for parks, museums and scenic spots.